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In this GM-less, 1-4 player game, you play as the residents of a small town attempting to save their town from financial ruin by building a rocket and going to the Moon. Create the various places and people of your town, and attempt to help them solve their various problems to get the parts you need for the rocket, and see how the trip changes both the town and the people who experience it. Requiring only a coin to play, though you might need a d6 if you want to do random generation, it seeks to create semi-low-stakes and a feeling of creating a community. Can you save the town, will it fade away, or will it and you transform into something far different than you once were? Will touching the Moon really be everything you want it to be? Will it be more than you could have ever dreamed? Or will you be changed by your decision to stay behind?

This game is 9 pages, horizontal, and is black and white. It's my first attempt at doing a game in this style, and, thus, any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Let me know what you like or don't like! (Also, please use a community copy if you want!)

As a note, this game is not for fascists, bigots, or really anyone who wants to promote racism, sexism, ableism or any other forms of bigotry. If you want to use my game for that, don't buy it. 

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